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Tuesday, April 5th

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3-Apr-2011: Daily Herald: Hot races abundant in Northwest suburbs (see also reader comments)

2-Apr-2011: PalatinePatch: Letter to Editor: Something Weird About Election

1-Apr-2011: TribLocal: Citizens for Accountability in D15 Endorses Sriram, Herr, and Iannuzzelli for District 15 School Board

31-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "D15 challengers demonstrate their transparency" (see also reader comments)

31-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "Bassi supports D15 incumbents" (see also reader comments)

30-Mar-2011: Daily Herald: Tactics irk some in District 15 campaign (see also reader comments)

30-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "Disappointed in D15 endorsement" (see also reader comments)

29-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "Wrong for D15 candidates to take union money" (see also reader comments)

29-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "Troubled times in D15 call for experienced leadership" (see also reader comments)

29-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch: Letter to Editor: D-15 Challengers Deserve Support

29-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "Dist. 15 endorsement has her head spinning" (see also reader comments)

25-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch: Odds or Evens in District 15

24-Mar-2011: TribLocal: Vote 1-3-5 for District 15 Team on Curriculum

23-Mar-2011: Daily Herald: Palatine District 15 incumbents runnig frugal race (see also reader comments)

19-Mar-2011: Journal & Topics: Openness, Lowering Debt, 2nd Language Among Ideas

18-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch: Community Must Count in School Board Elections

18-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to the Editor: "Out with the old" in Palatine District 15 (see also reader comments)

18-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch: D-15 Candidates Debate The Issues

18-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Dist. 15 candidates discuss curriculum at forum

16-Mar-2011: Daily Herald For Palatine Dist. 15: Chapman, Ekeberg, Seiffert (see also reader comments)

15-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Is teacher contract to blame for District 15 deficits? (see also reader comments)

14-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch candidate questionnaire: D-15 Candidates Tackle Issues (see reader comments at bottom)

10-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Palatine District 15 teachers union agrees to meeting over contract (see also reader comments)

6-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Letter to editor: Move along people, no conspiracy here (see also reader comments)

5-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch video from candidate forum D-15 Candidates Square Off At Forum and D-15 Candidates Forum: Part II

3-Mar-2011: PalatinePatch D-15 Votes to Initiate Contract Talks With Teachers Union

2-Mar-2011: Daily Herald Palatine District 15 board asking teachers to open contract (see also reader comments)

25-Feb-2011: PalatinePatch School Board Candidates and Union Money

23-Feb-2011: Daily Herald District 15 attorney defends appointment process, timing

22-Feb-2011: Daily Herald Candidates form team "Vote 1-3-5 for District 15"

19-Feb-2011: Daily Herald Palatine teachers contract to be redone? (see also reader comments)

18-Feb-2011: Daily Herald questionnaire responses published - see D15PIE Election2011

18-Feb-2011: PalatinePatch Campaigning in a Web 2.0 World

17-Feb-2011: TribLocal District 15 BOE Candidates Make Announcement

13-Feb-2011: PalatinePatch Voter Turnout Key in School Board Elections

13-Feb-2011: Daily Herald Palatine District 15 leader makes Garwood his deputy superintendent

11-Feb-2011: PalatinePatch D-15 Legal Bill Raises Questions

11-Feb-2011: Daily Herald Palatine District 15 steering clear of teacher layoffs

10-Feb-2011: Daily Herald Invoice raises more questions about Dist. 15 appointment

10-Feb-2011: PalatinePatch How Long Will It Take D-15 To Change 52,902 Light Bulbs?

6-Feb-2011: Daily Herald She believes 4-2 vote shows the choice was preordained

3-Feb-2011: Daily Herald Dissenting District 15 board members question appointment

29-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch Seiffert Appointed to D-15 School Board

29-Jan-2011: Daily Herald Former foundation head appointed to Dist. 15 board

26-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch D-15 evaluates its progress toward a 21st century education

21-Jan-2011: TribLocal Mark Bloom Resigns from District 15 Board: Board accepting applications to fill vacant seat

20-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch D-15 Seeks Residents to Fill School Board Vacancy

19-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch Lower than forecasted CPI brings even bigger deficits in D-15

17-Jan-2011: Daily Herald Citing new job, Bloom resigns from District 15 school board

17-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch D-15 School Board Member Resigns

13-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch Report: D-15 School Board President Didn't 'Tamper" With Minutes

13-Jan-2011: Daily Herald District 15 board still at odds despite report clearing president

13-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch D-15 to Consider Budget Cuts

12-Jan-2011: PalatinePatch Planning D-15's Future: Navigate15 Continues

7-Jan-2011: Daily Herald Report clears District 15 board president of tampering with minutes

23-Dec-2010: PalatinePatch Six Candidates for D-15 School Board

16-Dec-2010: Daily Herald Palatine Dist. 15 to talk finances, facilities

15-Dec-2010: Daily Herald Palatine Dist. 15 preparing for next year's budget woes

15-Dec-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Must Get Students on Path for College

14-Dec-2010: Daily Herald Four vying for District 15 board seat; Quinn won't run

13-Dec-2010: PalatinePatch Quinn Will Not Seek Reelection in D-15

1-Dec-2010: Daily Herald Attorney to investigate claims of District 15 minutes tampering

1-Dec-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Attorney to Look Into Minutes Issue

1-Dec-2010: PalatinePatch Are D-15 Students on Track for College? Part II

1-Dec-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Extends Thompson's Contract

1-Dec-2010: Daily Herald Palatine School District 15 gives superintendent multiyear deal

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Wondering why your November 2010 tax bill went up about 9%?

November 23, 2010

District 15 property taxes went down by $0.4 million. But the typical homeowner actually paid about 9% more due mainly to a shift in tax burden from non-residential property taxpayers to homeowners.

District 15's taxes for the 2009 tax year (paid in 2010) actually went down by $0.4 million from $110.1 million to $109.7 million. But the typical homeowner instead saw their taxes for District 15 increase by about 9%.

The main reason for this is a shift in tax burden for the 2009 tax year to homeowners from other property taxpayers.... homeowners paid about 67% of District 15 taxes for 2008 and 73% for 2009....

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November 2, 2010

Listen to message... Citizens for Accountability in D15 

Voters rejected the District 15 bond referendum with a vote of 67% No and 33% Yes. To learn more visit:

==> Citizens for Accountability in D15

==> D15PIE Bonds 2010

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Tue, April 5, 2011

School Board Election

Wed, April 13 7:00 pm
Walter R. Sundling Jr High

Regular Board Meeting

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