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Thanks for Making the Petition Drive a Success!

April 14, 2010

As part of the Bonds on the Ballot group of citizen-moms, we would like to take our hats off to each and every one of the circulators – all 168 of you. Without your determination and dedication this petition drive would have been unsuccessful. You represented the Village of Palatine, the City of Rolling Meadows, the Village of Inverness and the Village of Hoffman Estates. Whether you brought petitions containing one or 560 signatures, the outpouring of thanks from voters here makes it clear that every effort you made for this cause is greatly appreciated.

Each and every one of our signees, who chose to stop and talk to us, who chose to stand in the snow, who listened in the early morning hours at the train station, and the fellow citizens who drove to the Post Office or other locations to specifically sign the petition, thank you! You are to be commended for exercising your rights and holding the school board accountable to all the taxpayers. Combined you totaled over 7000! You overwhelmingly decided this should be voted on in November.

As the Daily Herald said in their editorial on April 14, 2010 "this is the beginning of democracy in District 15." It is important all of the residents and registered voters who signed this petition, and those who didn’t, educate themselves on this proposal and be ready to vote on the November ballot. Our elected Board of Education must now explain why they think this $51 million cost should be supported by the voters of Palatine Township.

Please stay connected to the Bonds on the Ballot group of citizen-moms as there is much more to come.

- Mary Vanek
- Jen Zold
- Vicki Wilson
- Lisa Neal

Citizens for Accountability in D15 • www.d15citizens.org

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Mary Vanek: "Over 7,500 signatures! One thousand more than the required amount!"


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