Palatine Village Council Meeting Video April 5, 2010

On March 15, 2010, the Palatine Village Council requested that the Village Manager research the proposed District 15 bond issue to determine whether there could be any adverse impact on the Village of Palatine and its upcoming bonds and/or bond rating.

Mr. Ottesen's main conclusion was there is negligible if any impact expected on the Village of Palatine by the proposed District 15 bonds.

During this meeting Vicki Wilson spoke and encouraged residents to learn about the District 15 bond issue and sign a petition to put it on the ballot in November.

Report from Village Manager Reid Ottesen

Presentation: District Bonding Capacity

PDF (12 pages) Memo from Reid Ottesen and Attachments
VIDEO (4:13) Report from Reid Ottsen

Recognition of Audience

VIDEO (1:10) Vicki Wilson encourages citizens to learn more about bonds and sign a petition